How to install and load Sanjay's Rhodes

Sanjay’s Rhodes instrument comes in four formats – Kontakt, Ableton Sampler, Logic Pro EXS24/Sampler, and SFZ (compatible with several free sampler plugins). Instructions for each format are below.

Kontakt (All DAWs) – requires full version of Kontakt

If you have the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher, I highly recommend using this version of Sanjay's Rhodes. All Kontakt instrument files have the extension .nki. To use them in any DAW:

  1. Load Kontakt onto a MIDI track.
  2. Click the “Files” menu at the top left in Kontakt. 
  3. Locate the Sanjay C Rhodes .nki files on your computer.
  4. Double-click any one of the .nki presets to load them into Kontakt.


Ableton Live Sampler

All Ableton Sampler versions of Sanjay’s Rhodes have the file extension .adv. To use them in Ableton Live:

  1. Drag the Ableton Live Device files (.adv) into your “User Library” in the Ableton Browser under Places. 
  2. Drag the Sanjay C Rhodes Samples folders into the "User Library > Samples > Imported” folder. If you do not have the “Imported” folder, you can create it by right clicking the “Samples” folder under “User Library” and click “New Folder”. Name the new folder “Imported”.
  3. To load a preset, drag any of the Sanjay C Rhodes .adv files onto a MIDI track in Ableton Live. 

Ableton Sampler 

Logic Pro EXS/Sampler (Mac only)

All Logic EXS/Sampler versions of Sanjay’s Rhodes have the file extension .exs. To use them in Logic:

  1. Locate the following folder on your Mac: [Macintosh HD] > Library > Application Support > Logic > Sampler Instruments.
  2. Copy all Sanjay C Rhodes .exs files and the Samples folders to this location.
  3. Restart Logic Pro.
  4. Load EXS24 or Sampler onto an instrument track and select a preset from the menu. Presets may be located in the Factory sub-menu. 

 Logic Sampler


Sforzando – FREE (All DAWs)

Sforzando is a free sample player that can play SFZ files. Sanjay C Rhodes presets (.sfz files) may be loaded into the standalone Sforzando program, or onto the Sforzando plugin in any DAW. To use them in your DAW:

  1. Download and install Sforzando .
  2. Open your DAW and load the Sforzando plugin onto a MIDI track. 
  3. Drag any Sanjay C Rhodes preset .sfz file onto Sforzando and play! 


DirectWave (FL Studio)

FL Studio users may use the SFZ files from Sanjay’s Rhodes with the DirectWave instrument in FL Studio.