Aurora Samples & Chord Progressions Pack

Aurora Samples & Chord Progressions Pack

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Sanjay C presents Aurora. A large sample and MIDI pack of lush chords, inspiring melodies, and complex progressions for pop, future bass, EDM, and more. All wav samples were recorded using a vintage Roland Juno 106 and a Prophet 6 synthesizer - with and without effects. Samples and MIDI Files are compatible with all DAWs including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Studio One, FL Studio, Cubase, Reaper, and more. MIDI files can be applied to any software instrument or used with a hardware synths through your DAW.

  • 22 MIDI chord progressions
  • 22 MIDI melodies/arps
  • 44 WAV chords and pad loops
  • 22 WAV melody/arp loops
  • Over 300 MB of files

All samples and MIDI files are royalty free.

Music created with Aurora



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#AuroraSamplePack @SanjayC #sanjaycnews The sounds I have used are the following: 105 Bb MAJ Arp Demure, 105 C MAJ CHords Dry Epiphany, 105 CMAJ ARP Epiphany If you want to fully enjoy the low end. Please listen with headphones or a set of good monitors. These days I'm mostly doing custom hip-hop and rap beats. But it's always a pleasure to go back to the roots, where everything started, it brings back so many memories. @only1dharti, thanks for the like on the last video, this song is more shiny and bright. Created to make people dance with a smile on their face whatever situation they may be facing. In this one, you will find afro-caribbean, pop, ambient, lo-fi and hip-hop vibes. The purpose here is to spread love, peace, hope and joy by doing the music I love. @SanjayC @only1dharti, thanks again for all to both of you. You are without any doubt a true inspiration. I can't close this, without giving a special shout out to my wife @castanouemilie and my king. PEACE ! PS: I dind't work so hard on the artwork or editing.. Time is short these days. So be kind ;)

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“Awesome stuff! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on some MIDI chords. My dream came true!”

“This pack is instant inspiration to say the least…I’m loving it!”

“Really inspiring sounds and ideas.”

“MIDI chords are a time savior and inspiring!”

“I mainly make R&B and I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this is!”

“These all sound amazing, I can’t wait to play around with them!”

“Just got the pack! It’s amazing!"

“This is brilliant.”