Sanjay's Rhodes (Full version)

Sanjay's Rhodes (Full version)

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Sanjay's Rhodes is a virtual instrument recorded from my own Fender Rhodes Mark 1 stage piano. I’ve used it for years in my music and it's pure inspiration! I’ve recorded each key to give you a realistic and beautiful instrument you can play in your home studio or anywhere you make music. Four formats are included - Logic Pro EXS/Sampler, Ableton Sampler, SFZ (use with the free Sforzando plugin for any DAW), and Kontakt.*

Sanjay's Rhodes works with all DAWs. You can even download the FREE Sforzando Plugin to use it! 

❤️️  10% of this sale will be donated to promote music education for people in need. 

This is the FULL version of Sanjay’s Rhodes and includes 10 presets. Two PRO presets, Dry and Chorus, feature every key recorded at two velocities for both mellow and gritty sounds - play harder to get that iconic Rhodes growl. 8 additional presets give you unique sounds for hip hop, EDM, trap, pop, lo-fi, and jazz!

Presets included:

  • Dry Pro (every key, 2 velocities) - Start here to discover an authentic 1975 Rhodes piano. Add your own effects to create something that’s truly yours.
  • Chorus Pro (every key, 2 velocities) - Wide and pillowy. This is my favorite preset.
  • Basement - That lo-fi sound you were looking for.
  • Drive - Let’s drive this thing harder!
  • Rotator - Add some movement to your track
  • Spiral - Almost like a pad - get ready to space out!
  • Wakey - Wake up, people!
  • Warm 2A - Turn up the bass. In fact, you could use this as a bass instrument!
  • Wow - Just…wow!
  • Radio - The way grandpa remembers the Rhodes!

*Four formats:

  • SFZ version works with Plogue Sforzando (free) with any DAW and the FL Studio DirectWave instrument
  • EXS version is compatible with Logic Pro
  • ADV version is compatible with Ableton Live 10 (Suite only)
  • Kontakt version is compatible with the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 or newer
  • Sample rate: 24-bit 48khz
  • Library size: 555 MB compressed, 1 GB uncompressed

Installation Instructions